How Men Thinks: When Men Are Getting Real About Their Wedding Night

When it comes to wedding nights, women are more nervous than men. However, believe it or not, most men are also wondering what their new wife thinks. Below are some proofs that when it comes to couple relationship, men are also sensitive and sensible.


  • Sleep before sex

Men, no matter how driven they are, when it comes to lovemaking, they prefer to make their wedding night comfortable for both of them. Since it had been a dreadful and tiring day, men would suggest res. In fact, some wedding night sex never happens.


  • They can be romantic

When men become romantic, you know that they put so much effort on it. For instance, preparing the candles, wine, and rose petals on the bed can be embarrassing for most men. But they make sure that their new wife will love them more than they do.


  • They make surprises

Men know how their wives anticipated their wedding night. So, to make it more memorable even after the tiring wedding day preparation, the ceremony, and wedding party, sometimes they do some crazy sexy dance show in front of their wife to start their lovemaking more fun and exciting. Sometimes they even use some funny sex toys for men to make it even more hilarious yet seductive.


  • They love to talk about the future ahead of them after lovemaking

Men can be very sensitive at most times. They may not show it. But they love to talk about the future after lovemaking. This kind of reflection tells how special the day is for them. Men are not just all about sex. Even if you read some reviews and shopping site, you will find men to be romantic. The only problem is they do not know how to show their true feelings to their partners even after years of marriage.