Why Sex Is Important in Marriage

Love, understanding, time, honesty and more are some of the essential factors that are needed for a marriage to find that 'forever'. Sex and sexual faithfulness are included in the top list. Sex is not just one of the novelties for couples just to fulfill their lustful desires. It is much more than that. Sex goes beyond physical satisfaction and can benefit couples more than you can imagine. You might have learned from your sex education that it brings health benefits to people.


However, for a couple, it is not just health that pushes them to have an active sex life. Sex keeps a couple connected. The teasing, the foreplay, the act itself and the cuddling after sex all help promote the intimacy between the couple. It allows the both to feel that they still have time for each other and that they are happy to be spending time together other than with someone else.


Sex provides assurance.


It might be hard for some to assure his or her partner that they are faithful to them. A woman or a man would feel that their partner still loves them by how they act in bed. When one is deprived of sex, he or she might think that the other is having an affair and does not have any sexual fantasies towards him or her anymore.


Sex relieves stress.


In the kind of fast-paced life everybody is living nowadays, finding time to relax and relieve themselves from all the worries of work can be hard. One of the easiest and most available ways to do this is sex. No matter how tiring or long the day might have been for the couple, it is essential to alleviate each other's physical and mental pressure by having sex from time to time. For older people, and ones who cannot perform well in bed, using couples sex toys can also help them. These reasons, and many others, are why couples who have happy and healthy marriages have sex in their list of priorities